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On November 6, Sunshine shares (000608) (00060SZ), which was still slightly down in the morning, suddenly crashed at the opening in the afternoon and went straight to the lower limit. Within 10 seconds, there were more than 230,000 orders hitting the mark


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In terms of the secondary market, institutional professionals are currently generally optimistic about the layout of consumption, procyclicality and some technological leaders. In terms of configuration, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Research Management Depa


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Chen Qingtai, chairman of the Electric Vehicles Association, predicts that by 2030, the sales of electric vehicles will exceed 15 million, and the number of possessions will exceed 80 million. By then, pure electric vehicles may reach 64.8 million. This m


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Once the enterprise liquidity problems, financing costs will rise, further increasing the difficulty of financing. An analyst of a securities firm believes that if there are too many lawsuits between enterprises and financial institutions, it is obviously


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In the first half of this year, the program content of the comprehensive channel was frequently searched and praised on the third-party social media platform. Among them, a total of 199 times were listed on the hot search list of sina Weibo, with a cumula


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The associated press international gold price after the previous shock after the rise.The government has given a lot of policy and financial support to the research and development of robots.In addition, investors in Huanying securities can also choose st


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The company is also negotiating with creditors to release some of its existing debt and make it part of the bankruptcy loan, which will bring its total bankruptcy financing to nearly $2 billion.Song Liang, a senior dairy analyst, said that at present, Chi


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Huanying securities is committed to driving innovation with financial technology and providing investors with global financial products trading and services. Its business covers major capital markets such as Hong Kong stock market, American stock market a