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According to the announcement, Ant Group’s A shares will be purchased online and offline at this price on October 29, 2020 (T day), and there is no need to pay the subscription funds when subscribing. Among them, the offline subscription time is 9:30-15:0


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According to market logic, the appreciation of the renminbi means an accelerated inflow of international capital, thereby pushing up asset prices denominated in renminbi; under the effect of making money, domestic investors have joined in, further pushing


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Up to now, China has 100000 gas stations, of which 50000 belong to Sinopec and PetroChina. The former has more than 25000 gas station equipped with easyway convenience store, is the largest convenience store chain in mainland China.The human resources and


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Third, the recent plate rotation, not only the gem is strengthening, but also the large cap stocks are rising rapidly. At the bottom of the financial, real estate, infrastructure and other heavyweights are ushering in a significant valuation repair, makin